Holdfast Utility Rack (Single Bar)


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The Utility Rack is ideally suited to the user who does not use a rack very often and who wants to be able to fit and remove the rack quickly and easily when it is needed.

Position the crossbar on the roof of the car having ensured that the pads of the crossbar feet and the surface of the car’s roof are both clean and slightly damp.

Activate the lever of the suction pad to create a vacuum which will hold the crossbar in place and tight onto the roof.

The strap is provided as an insurance in case one or both of the pads loses its grip to the car. With the car doors open, thread the strap through the door opening and the other end with buckle through from the other side. By depressing the cam of the buckle, thread the free end of the strap through the buckle and pull it tight.

The load being carried on the roof should be secured by means of other Holdfast straps which should be available from the same dealer that sold you this rack.

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