Round Frame Grey Pool Set 14.970L 4.57m x 1.07m, Ladder, Cover, Filter


Robust TriTech material and stainless steel frame
• Liner coated with galvanised rustproof foil
• Dimensions: 457×107 cm
• Weight: 58.76 kg
• Capacity at 90%: 14,970 l
• Simple and quick assembly, without tools, 20 minutes with 3 persons
• Colour: inside mosaic pattern, outside blue
• Measures of Bestway’s packaging: 58x39x116 cm

Accessories included:

• Ladder 58330
• Filter pump 58386 (3.028 l/h filter system)
• Cartridge 58094
• Cover sheet 58038

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Bestway 56488 is the above ground pool that will provide endless fun for the whole family. In the large round Steel Pro Max pool everyone will be able to refresh and relax during the summer months. The Bestway 56488 Steel Pro Max pool features an extremely sturdy steel tube frame, which, together with the rustproof coating, ensures the stability and durability of the item. This pool has been made of sturdy TriTech, a material consisting of 2 layers of PVC coating and a polyester mesh interior. The inner part is decorated with a mosaic pattern coating to make swimming in the pool a more enjoyable experience. The pool can be installed without any kind of tool because it is equipped with the Seal&Lock system, while the drainage valve allows it to be emptied easily at the end of the summer season. This high-end pool is equipped with all the accessories you need to enjoy a nice bath: cartridge filter pump with spare cartridges, floor sheet, pool cover sheet and safety ladder. The pool can contain up to 14,970 litres of water, 90% filled, and the high quality steel structure and design give the entire product greater reliability and safety than traditional above ground pools.

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