Suzuki Jimny LED Light Strip Automatic gearbox


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This LED strip light resolves that issue and provides clear and bright LED light under the individual gears.
Installation is relatively simple:
1: Remove the plastic gear box cover and feed the positive and negative wires through the back of the dash towards the glove box.
2: Remove the cover off the small fuse box under the glove box.
3. Remove the plastic cover in the footwell exposing the earthing point.
4. Bridge the 5amp fuse (as shown in the photo) with the positive cable (red)
5. Connect the negative cable (black) to the bolt
6. Use supplied clear double sided tape to secure the LED strip beneath the gear selector.
*add additional tape if you feel necessary to further secure the LED strip.
7. Close all plastic covers
Bellow are links to videos:

How to DIY install an LED light for automatic Gearbox Suzuki Jimny SZ5

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