Vibe Sound deadening sheets (260mm x 360mm) sold per sheet

Original price was: R90,00.Current price is: R70,00.

Higher sound pressure-!evel_(SPL)

100% of SPL competition cars use sound deadening

material – fact!

The reason for this is that the audio system in a vehicle

fully treated with ANTIVIBE will be louder than the same

system in an

identical vehicle without ANTIVIBE. A large amount of

the power from your audio system is wasted in simply

making the panels in your car flex. By adding ANTIVIBE

the panel will be more dense and heavier making it

more difficult to flex. The result is that more energy from

the audio system is directed where you want it-your


Berer sounu

Treating your speaker baffles with

ANTIVIBE will greatly improve the sound produced by

the speaker

A treated baffle will be much more stable which

drastically reduces distortion. The sound with ANTIVIBE

applied will be noticeably fuller in the all important

midbass region which will result in improved staging

and system dynamics


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