My Butchers Block Wooden Lazy Susan 450mm – 600mm


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You never have to say ‘pass the salt’ ever again!

The My Butchers Block Wooden Lazy Susan is a round tray that is placed in the center of the dining table. It acts as a server by rotating the dishes, condiments, and sauces so that everything is in easy reach for each guest. With the growing popularity of mezze, tapas, and sharing meals, and is perfect for gatherings of family and friends around the dinner table.

Because the tray is manufactured as a solid wood piece from attractive Knysna Blackwood, it is also aesthetically pleasing as a centerpiece, whether you are entertaining or not.

  • 450mm diameter/ 600mm Diameter
  • Made in South Africa
  • Made from Knysna Blackwood

450mm, 600mm

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